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Face Lifts at MAXILLOFACIAL Surgery Services

A facelift, technically known as rhytidectomy, can remove most of the visible signs of aging on your face and neck area. We do this through a procedure in which we remove fatty areas and then tighten the muscles lying just under your skin.

A facelift can be done as part of other cosmetic procedures, including:

  • Eyelid lifts
  • Forehead lifts
  • Nose reshaping

Come in for a consultation, to see if a facelift is a viable option for a new, younger-looking you! Ideal candidates have the following characteristics:

  • Age range from 40-60 years
  • Well-defined bone structure
  • Relatively high skin elasticity
  • Thin facial skin

We'll prepare you for your procedure with instructions and guidelines, and we'll walk you through your customized procedure, including how we'll achieve your desired results.


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